Girl in Levi’s TV Commercial Using a Urinal

February 6th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

I came across this video on YouTube recently of a mock/demo commercial for Levi’s jeans. It’s a pretty gal on a hot day who’s been drinking way too much water. She needs to find a place to let it out.

She looks high and low and there is no place to pop a squat so she runs into off building, sees a great looking guy in the elevator. She tries the women’s room door which is locked and out of desperation follows him into the men’s room and sides up next to him at the urinal to his right.

She drops her trousers and then sits, yes, sits on the urinal’s edge while looking flirtatiously at the guy, and he to her.

Girl Using a Urinal in Levi’s Commercial

It would have awesome if the commercial’s director, Nailah Holliday had seen the Stand2Pee DVD and utilized that knowledge into her piece…that would have made it 200% cooler, in one girl’s opinion

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