Portable Urinals Installed in Sydney Australia

January 28th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

A TV news report from Ten News about portable urinals in downtown Sydney near the bustling night club part of town to help prevent people from peeing in doorways and other public places.

The report, which does not get gender-specific, uses the wording “drinkers who find themselves caught short,” and drunken clubbers,” and seems to focus on women, as they show gals in short skirts and looking a bit tipsy.

Since these are the standard public urinals that can be found all over Amsterdam, it is not clear if the story was targeted toward women, or it was just coincidence that the bulk of the file footage focuses on drunk girls rather than guys assuming the position beside a parked car.

Would the average Sydney club-going woman be willing to learn Stand2Pee to take advantage of these urinals?

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