Men Posing As Women

February 15th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

So I get this email today from a girl named “Alison” from an email address that begins the name Peter. Not that there is anything wrong with this or that, I just think it’s funny.  I mean I don’t know you and cannot see you, so you don’t need to masquerade as a girl when you are a guy, I am not and won’t judge you. There are lots of men that bought the DVD for themselves because they are curious or they bought it for their female friends, and that is fantastic!

Here is the email:

I think it is a great thing if women want to learn your technique. The
only problem is, I don't see any urinals in women's toilets. Certainly not
here in Britain. So us women unlike the men still have to queue. Whether
we stand or sit when we eventually get there is not the issue really (unless
the seat is dirty, then the ability to stand would be an advantage). Do
you think urinals should be in women's toilets to give women the choice? Women
unlike men are not used to urinating in front of each other, so this may
also be a problem. 

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One Response to “Men Posing As Women”

  1. Emily says:

    To answer your question about should there be urinals in womens bathrooms to give them a choice, I saw YES! Along with stand2pee DVD and FUDs more widely known in the U.S. I live in CT, USA and only see the go-girl at Cabela’s and while browsing the internet the freshette at REI’s.

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